Rumors speculate that there will be an increased retail price of the Air Jordan 1 high starting as soon as summer 2022! It’s without a doubt, and there has been noticeable inflation throughout the world due to the pandemic. Gas prices are through the roof, rent is getting higher, and even Dollar Tree sells items that cost more than a dollar! Now news breaks out that Jordan Brand will start selling the Air Jordan 1 highs from $170 to $200! THAT IS ALMOST EQUIVALENT TO AN AIR FOAMPOSITE! A lot has changed since the silhouette debuted in 1985, retailing at $65 to even being on sale in department stores at the time for $24.99! It is evident that the Air Jordan 1 High OG has been at the forefront for hype for the last three years with pairs flying off shelves, sites crashing, and long lines outside of stores with sneaker-heads constantly trying to get their hands on a pair regardless of the color-way. I guess you can say a lot of collaborations on the model helped its popularity with alliances such as Off White, Union, and Fragment (to name a few) releasing game-changing color schemes. Individual superstars have helped develop hype for the Air Jordan 1 and their collaborations and influence, such as Travis Scott, J Balvin, Billie Eilish, Nigel Sylvester, and more. Lastly, we would be naïve not to mention Kanye West’s influence just wearing the silhouette more frequently in the early 2010s before signing with Adidas. A lot has changed over the years, but stay up to date with Daily Sole to provide more confirmation on this groundbreaking news!



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