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With the release of the Air Jordan 6 “DMP” now behind us, fans buzzing about the return of the Air Jordan 11 “DMP”. The pair regarded as one of the most significant packs in Air Jordan history. The duo first hit shelves in 2006; since then, it has reign supreme in every online marketplace. The two designed to commemorate Michael Jordan’s 1991 and 1996 NBA championships. The Air Jordan 6 arrived in never-before release black nubuck upper with gold accents in place of the original Infrared. While, the Air Jordan 11 appeared in familiar colors, contrasted by gold accents.

Though avid collectors were not happy with the retro release of the Air Jordan 6 primarily due to monumental values. Those who didn’t have a chance to grab a pair in ’06 jolted with joy. But, many left wondering why a standalone release of the Air Jordan 6, and not a follow-up of the Air Jordan 11. For many, there’s a void they will like filled. Many fans kept hope that the DMP pack would receive the retro treatment. Only, to get crushed with the recent release of the DMP 6. Now, that the DMP 6 is out the way, there are still questions, -“Will there be a DMP 11 coming out?”; -“Will there be special packing with the DMP 11 release?”

With ESPN’s “The Last Dance” series many old and new fans were reliving the experience of watching Mike and wanting to fly like Mike. Those clips are forever burned in everyone’s memory as if it were motor memory from Mike’s footwork. From the way, he danced on the court in True Mike passion, to wearing the shoes many praises as grails. This series has awakened the nostalgic memories of getting your first pair of Air Jordan’s and the feeling going through you at that moment.

The DMP pack was and still is a coveted release like non-other. Will Jordan Brand fulfilled our nostalgic need for another DMP package or Air Jordan 11 DMP?. There’s no telling but let’s all keep hope alive.


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