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Nike along with other retail stores will not let Resellers cash in on Kobe Bryant Products.

RIP Kobe Bryant
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The world has lost more than a Basketball legend. The passing of Kobe Bryant has left shock around the world in a manner which for most has not yet sunk in yet. Kobe Bryant was not only a legendary basketball player, but a Father, Husband, and an inspiration to the countless of individuals around the world who loved and admired him. From the Kobe 6 Grinch sneakers to the Kobe 7 Galaxy’s, and many more of Kobe Bryant’s products has made a major impact in the sneaker world in a class of their own. Unfortunately resellers are using the passing of Kobe Bryant to make a profit. Prices of Kobe’s sneakers have more than shot up in price, as reflected on sneaker resale websites such as StockX. From having a resell price of $200, then practically over night sky rocketing to $2000, it is with little doubt that even in a moment as such, profit takes precedent. Not all resellers are using this tragedy to benefit financially. Owners of certain resell stores have called the acts classless. Stores such as Vices have removed Kobe’s products from their store shelves in efforts to stop resellers from benefiting. Even NIKE has pulled Kobe Bryant products from its website to limit the reach of resellers looking to profit. As the world mourns the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, it is reassuring to see certain resell stores taking steps combat the attempt by others who are trying to make a quick buck from a sudden tragedy.

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